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You are not narcoleptic, right? Welcome!

Start the journey to discover a disease that is too often underestimated.

I know you are wondering what’s the point of presenting my blog by inviting people who are not narcoleptic to enter a space dedicated to those who, instead, suffer from this condition.

The answer is simple: the aim is to invite many people to look at another side of the world, the side of us narcoleptics who live a life of sleep, dreams and challenges.

I am Sara, I am 41 years old and I recently discovered that I am narcoleptic.

“I found out”, yes.

It went exactly like this: after months of unexplained symptoms, fears and various and expensive medical examinations, I discovered the name of what I now call “my roommate“.

Yeah… my roommate, that intrusive and somewhat unpredictable companion.

The one that comes suddenly and that disrupts an apparently perfect life … the one that messes up every plan, creates discomfort, makes you want to scream and inexplicably, the one you recognize as a friend and you become attached to.

That’s how it went for me.

And I’ll tell you.

Who is my roommate

The presentation, I realize, was not the best … I described it as a pain in the neck, one that “invades” your personal space and steals freedom.

Well, believe me, I’m not insulting, I’m describing her briefly.

Because you could talk about Miss Narcolepsy for hours, focusing each time on the jokes she loves to do or on the opportunities she can show to those who live with it, like me.

But she can do much more: she can teach those who don’t live with it that sleep and dreams are serious. Indeed, very serious.

And it does so by presenting itself with grand style, making you understand that when sleep is constantly disturbed, and becomes the key player of your days, then it’s appropriate to deal with it.

How? For example, by seeking information from a reliable source, which can tell you about the main symptoms of what is now considered a rare disease, and which distorts the life of those who meet it.

The AIN (Italian Association of Narcoleptics) has a very detailed page where you can get many informations (

About Me

As I said, I’m Sara, I’m 41, and I’m very sleepy.

My life has been full, crazy and rewarding.

I was born in Valtellina and for years I was a hairdresser … then I transformed my life and I began the climb to success in a network marketing company in which I have achieved, as first and only person in Italy so far, the highest level of career.

My days were always different, I traveled a lot, I took care of training and inspiring the company’s collaborators.

I was studying in order to be on stage during events and to have intelligent things to say, which could help people think and grow.

This experience is the reason why today I live my condition in a very serene way, free from shame or fear of the judgment of others.

I have the freedom to be myself, the ability to see situations with the right detachment and the desire to help others.

This blog was born from the awareness that, as a rare disease, narcolepsy is in all respects unknown to most people and that telling my experience can be useful to someone who suffers from it without knowing, who gropes in the dark between a medical exam and a hospitalization without ever arriving to a diagnosis, or perhaps to the parents of some child defined layabout or lazy who is, on the contrary, only sick.

My journey starts today.

The one in which I’ll take you by the hand in the life of a modern “Alice in Wonderland”, who falls asleep in the garden, dreams of the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts and who can turn huge by eating a biscuit or feeling small if humiliated by phrases of those who, seeing her suddenly sleep in public, think that it’s shameful or the result of a rockstar lifestyle …

Here it is, my blog was born for this: make all the sick people who struggle every day feel like superstars and give to those who see us sleeping, the tools to better understand.

Because no one should ever feel wrong again, but only special.

I am ready to go and I am impatient to meet you all, to live together what connects more than anything else in the world: a journey into emotions.

To understand, know, laugh and why not… sleep soundly!


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