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My method of small things

Reaching a result when you are without strength.

It often happened to go through moments when I had great goals to achieve and zero strength to move.

Moments when my body screamed loudly to stop, to stop doing what I was doing and to go to bed and rest.

And I, punctually, taken as I was by ambition, by the desire to bring results in my business and to please my partner, I ignored the signals and even feeling bad I continued to do what I had started.

I’ve always been like this: more loyal to duty and a sense of responsibility than to myself.

So, to accomplish what I had started, I used what I’ve always called “my method of small things”.

It’s certainly not the discovery of the century, but it has always allowed me not to be overwhelmed by anxiety during the realization of a goal and to manage things easily and objectively, giving me a feeling of gratification once everything was done.

The little things method works like this: every time you have a goal to achieve, break it down into very small, useful things to do every day and do it.

Put this way it seems very trivial, yet following it has been the way I’ve overcome every difficult

moment in my life.

I’ll give you some easy examples, that in my narcoleptic life are helping me a lot and that maybe, can help you too.

Try to imagine a normal day, in which you get out of bed after a night full of awakenings and nightmares, with the energy and reaction speed of a sloth.

On this day you will:

– Take a shower, get ready and make yourself presentable, even if you stay at home.

-If you work or study, have a minimum of energy to devote to work or study, and to interactions with colleagues / companions.

-Prepare lunch or share it with other human beings.

– Spend time on your private life, between useful things (shopping, cleaning the house) and pleasant things (attention to your family, your friends and yourself).


How to do all these things in one day, when you are without physical or mental forces?


Just break down each lens into many tiny bits and make them.

Let’s start with the simplest: take a shower!

I know we take it for granted that we all shower every morning, but when you have a chronic illness, sleep deprivation and maybe a little sadness, even taking a shower becomes an important energy expenditure.

Well, we can all do it by asking ourselves questions and answering ourselves objectively:

-Am I able to take a shower? YES!!! -> I do it now!

-If I get under the shower, can I open the tap? YES!!! -> I do it now!

-Once I am all wet, I might as well use some soap, right? YES!!! -> I do it now!



– Am I capable of drying myself despite the tiredness? YES!!! -> I do it now!

Focusing on doing a very small task is much more “tolerable” than thinking about achieving the final goal, even in a trivial example such as a shower.

It’s very easy to think of being able to complete an elementary action such as “turn on the tap” and the fact of answering YES and doing the small and useful thing IMMEDIATELY, allows us to take a step forward towards the final goal and to keep doing many very small useful things, which carried out together make us achieve the goal without stress, anxiety and frustration.

Many small steps forward, asking correct and empowering questions, which allow us to save energy by avoiding negative or weakening thoughts and implementing the construction of a fundamental awareness: “I AM CAPABLE! I CAN


It seems absurd for those who are healthy to concentrate to carry out trivial actions such as taking a shower or preparing lunch, but for those who are like me, like us, every little energy expenditure is sometimes difficult.

I met people who lived every little effort as something disastrous, frustrating and limiting, but only because they faced it by focusing on the expectation of how it should have been instead of “how can I do it?”.

And here is the secret: to break everything down into very small USEFUL actions, which therefore doesn’t involve the breakdown of “if you are well”, “if you were not sick” or “because it happened to me”, but simply those actions that give me a result:

I turn on the tap – I get wet – if I am wet, it’s worth soaping me – if soapy I cannot go out so I rinse – I’m wet but perfumed again and I’m fine, so I can dry myself.



Whenever I’m exhausted and I have to do something, this is my way of doing it and feeling perfectly capable of doing normal things.

Because removing the useless and using the essential to define the path to reach the goal is something we can all do, as well as strive to do those small actions immediately.

In short … We are narcoleptics yes, but also intelligent, capable and brilliant.

We just need a method, and a great desire to experiment with it, to feed our self-esteem and our ability in order to live a fulfilling and full life.

If you like, try the method of small things, and let me know how it goes: I’m interested to know if it has been useful !!!

And remember: “Even a journey of a thousand miles always starts with a small step”.

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