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Good morning world!

Words matter. The ones you start the day with, even more.

Good morning world! - Narcolepsy blog

After certain nights, spent turning in bed hoping to sleep, it would be natural to get up and stretch by uttering a heartfelt “Another damn morning!” … but I’m more than sure that the words we pronounce have a strong power over what will happen in our life.

So, every morning, I get up and I try to focus on the positive things I learned from the previous night, and I say my “Good morning world!” to remind me that, although in a different way than before, I’m also part of the world. Wishing everyone a happy day also includes wishing it to myself.

During the night, when I don’t sleep, I read and I learn things that I will need one day, maybe the one that is about to begin.

Words matter and using the right ones makes the difference between having the life you want or not.

I strongly believe in this and even if it’s not easy to use proactive words when you are not well, doing it and building a positive habit helps to become better people.

If we could record the first words spoken by people right after they wake up, I believe that would emerge a disappointing photograph of the human being … probably similar to those we would hear from the average Italian bottled in traffic …

Because it’s easier to give voice to unpleasant emotions and feel legitimized to complain, rather than choosing carefully the words to pronounce and the emotions to evoke.

I decided to pronounce my simple “Good Morning World!” with all the positive intention: to wish good to every person, even unknown, somehow brings me closer to them.

Wishing everyone good immediately, as soon as I wake up, puts me in the position to start the day feeling stronger, useful and good.

“Good Morning World!” it has an implicit intention: I declare that I want to make this day better for someone in the world, and repeating it every day is like renewing a promise.

Every day I renew my promise to try to make this place a little better than I found it, despite everything.

I can’t always do it.

But it’s enough for me to have given a word, a smile or help to someone who needed it to be happy.

The extraordinary thing is that this magic happens every day, even after a sleepless night or when I fall asleep at the least opportune moments.

Magic happens, and it happens after pronouncing my magic formula: “Good Morning World!” it’s the inclusion of me in others and vice versa, it’s perceiving others’ emotions, it’s a sense of responsibility in making my life a small masterpiece to remove a little shadow in the world and be, humbly, a beacon for those who think that it’s impossible to be happy.

“Good Morning World!” it’s Italian warmth, it’s the scent of freshly brewed coffee and a light kiss to those you love.

It’s hope, dawn, fresh air and sheets hanging from the windows.

“Good Morning World!” It’s the hot water from the shower, the scent of shampoo and the freshness of toothpaste.

It’s school, work, people, traffic and errands.

And it’s consistent with all the writing on the balconies of this period, it’s a “everything will be alright” enhanced by the awareness that everyone can make a difference. It’s a “I will make everything alright”.

And that’s how I want to get up in the morning: by saying two simple words that enclose a strong, precise identity.

Getting up wanting to make a difference, despite everything.

It doesn’t matter if I can go out little time and especially alone, I can also be useful from here, writing and staying connected with people.

It doesn’t matter if I can’t move: I can still reach out and listen to those who need a friend, or try to make the people I love smile with a surprise, or even just giving a smile to those who meet me on the stairs of the building where I live.

“Good Morning World!” it’s a way of life, it’s an open embrace, a spontaneous smile, it’s the wonder of receiving a thank you.

Between a nap and a nightmare I decided to do my part and not hide behind the problems, the pain and the uncertainty.

I decided to be Sara and to say my “Good Morning World!” every morning, and to give it to everyone, sure that what will come back to me will certainly be something useful for my growth and perhaps for my happiness.

It would be great if someone, somewhere in the world, spoke the same words with me to make stronger and more true the message of serenity for everyone.

So… “Good Morning World!” … I’m here. I’m Sara. And I wish everyone good things.

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