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Ask yourself who you are when you’re hospitalized

The world of hospitals is quite strange … there are people who are afraid of it, those who are fascinated

My method of small things

Reaching a result when you are without strength.

My wish list

Writing wishes to build memories.

Cheddar chips and “La Giovanna”

An essential ritual on brown days.
Good morning world! - Narcolepsy blog

Good morning world!

Words matter. The ones you start the day with, even more.

The magnificence

To think that narcolepsy is just a bad thing is really an understatement.

Invisible, uncommitted and superheroes

Fantasy characters or real people?

“Do you fall asleep even while?! …”

The most frequently asked questions are not what you expect

My motionless journey

You don't need to leave to travel. Just close your eyes.

Narcolepsy, quarantine and self isolation

How three apparently different things come together to create one: loneliness.